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HypExp installation for Windows

There is no script which automatically installs HypExp under Windows. If you want to use HypExp under Windows you should follow the following steps:

- Download the file HypExp-win-X.n.tar.gz

- Unpack it in the directory where you want HypExp to be installed

- In this directory you find a file called init.m, modifiy the first line such that you installation path replaces


- To load the package you have to type in Mathematica

Get[ToFileName[{"the:\path\of\the\installation"},"init.m" ]]        (you might need to use \\ instead of  \ )


If you don't want to type the first line each time, you can add the content of the init.m file of HypExp to the init.m file in the AutoLoad directory of your Mathematica installation. You will then only need to type the second line.

Installation of the libraries for Windows

Here again, the procedure is not automated for Windows, you should follow these steps:

- copy all the library files (lib*.tar.gz) you want in your installation directory

lib2new.tar.gz : 2F1 with parameter from -5 to 5 to the order \epsilon^4      (install_ file:  install_lib2.m )

                         Size packed: 2.0 M
                         Installed size:  11M

lib3new.tar.gz : 3F2 with parameter from -2 to 2 to the order \epsilon^3       (install_ file:  install_lib3.m )
                         the 3F2 with parameters only 1,0, or -1
                         are known to order \epsilon^4
                         Size packed: 2.0 M
                         Installed size:  18M

- unpack them

- copy  the install_lib*.m file for each library in the installation directory.

- run for each install_libXXX.m files

>cd  the:\path\of\the\installation
> math< install_libXXX.m

in the command line.

Bug Reports

If this installation or the package does not work properly, please send a bug report at this this address

--- last update: 17 Aug 2007