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Welcome to the webpage of the Mathematica Package HypExp

The package HypExp

The Mathematica package HypExp allows to expand hypergeometric functions JFJ-1 around their parameters. A detailed description can be found in  hep-ph/0507094  and in arXiv:0708.2443

Most recent version:   HypExp 2.0     (19-APR-2011)

List of changes


The libraries avoid recalculating the same expansions each time they are needed. It makes the use of the package much more efficient.

lib2new.tar.gz : 2F1 with parameter from -5 to 5 to the order \epsilon^4     
                         Size packed: 2.0 M
                         Installed size:  11M

lib3new.tar.gz : 3F2 with parameter from -2 to 2 to the order \epsilon^3 the 3F2 with parameters only 1,0, or -1
                         are known to order \epsilon^4
                         Size packed: 2.0 M
                         Installed size:  18M

With version (13-JULY-2005), the format of the library file have changed, see this page for more info.

Installation under Linux (for Windows see here)

There is an installation program with the Package. It copies the files where they belong, updates the init.m file in the .Mathematica/Autoload/ directory in the home directory, so that you can load the package without having to give the whole path.  It also installs the package HPL which is used by the package HypExp.

To install the package, copy the tar file HypExp-X.n.tar.gz  to your disk, unpack it with

> gunzip HypExp-X.n.tar.gz
> tar -xf  HypExp-X.n.tar

Change directory to the HypExp-X.n directory

> cd  HypExp-X.n

Copy in this directory the lib*.tar.gz file from above corresponding to the libraries you want to install (it is possible to install other libraries afterwards, see below).

Change the permission of the installation script:

> chmod +x HypExpInstall

Execute it:

> ./HypExpInstall

Follow the instruction... If you experience problems with the installation script, please consult the known issues or send a bug report this address.

Installing new libraries

To install new libraries, copy the corresponding lib*.tar.gz file(s) to the installation directory of the Package (if you do not remember, the Mathematica variable $HypExpPath contains it...).  Run then the programs install_libs and lib_consistency (and NOT make_lib...)

> ./install_libs

That's it.

HypExp for Maple

HypExp does not work under Maple, but it is possible to read the hypexp libraries from Maple. See this for more information.

Uninstall HypExp

Run the program

> ./HypExpUninstall

in the installation directory of HypExp.

Bug reports, bug fixes, new versions

Great care has been taken in testing  the HypExp package.  However, if there were problem left we would appreciate to get bug reports to this address. If you want to get informed upon bug fixes and new versions, please send us your address. 

--- last update:  19 Apr 2011